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About Kim

Kimberly is an EMC actress, singer, and writer currently residing in New York City. A love for music was instilled in her at a young age. Some of her earliest and fondest memories are singing along to Paul McCartney, Billy Joel and ABBA with her mom. In addition, they would spend time watching the Turner Classic Movies channel, The Honeymooners and The Carol Burnett Show. This birthed a passion for performing and storytelling, which later led  her to the stage. Since then, Kimberly has fallen in love with telling stories; whether it be theatre, film, music, and writing. She has found a fulfilling career of spreading joy through the arts.

Outside of theatre and performing, she enjoys getting lost in bookstores, hiking, writing music and poetry, exploring museums, and adding/listening to her extensive vinyl collection. If you refer to the photo on your right, you'll see she has a deep love for platypi.

In all her endeavors and adventures, she has found a deep love for her craft, passions and her life. She has made it a personal goal to find joy and beauty in all things with hopes to spread more of it wherever she goes. 

Kimberly is represented by Station 3 Entertainment.

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