About Kimberly

Kimberly Camacho is an EMC actress, singer, vocal coach, and writer currently residing in New York City. Kimberly has been praised for her versatile vocal abilities and emotionally, grounded performances. She has received international recognition for her vocal impressions and breakdown of artist's voices, you read more about this in Press. She has appeared as Jo March in Little Women (Savannah Repertory Theatre), Louise in Gypsy (Cumberland Theatre), Esther u/s in Meet Me In St. Louis (Weathervane Playhouse) and other regional productions across the United States.

A love for music was instilled in her at a young age. Some of her earliest and fondest memories are singing along to Paul McCartney, Billy Joel and ABBA with her mom (singing every harmony, of course). In addition, they would spend time watching The Honeymooners, anything with Bill Murray and The Carol Burnett Show. (Primarily the Gone With The Wind and Dentist sketch.) This birthed a passion for storytelling, entertaining, and making people smile. Since then, Kimberly has fallen in love with performing and artistic expression in multiple mediums. 


Kimberly's goal in life is to tell stories that both enlighten and inspire, create art that manifests the magic within us, and spread joy everywhere she goes. 

Outside of performing, she enjoys getting lost in bookstores, hiking, writing music and poetry, exploring museums, and listening to her extensive vinyl collection.

Most importantly, Kimberly has a deep love for platypi.

Kimberly Camacho is represented by Station 3 Entertainment.

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