Nature Log: Water

Hello! Thank you for visiting my blog. Below, is the first post of a series I am starting that is simply free-writing about different topics. My first topic is about nature. I take an element of nature I am exposed to and write about it. My goal in these blog posts, is to engage my imagination, senses and specificity when it comes to my communication skills. My hope is that this will help me become a more well-rounded individual and storyteller. I hope you enjoy!


Water is very hard to describe. You can say it is wet, it flows, its clear, its dirty…many times its compared to a mirror or glass. All of these are valid and true.

When I look at the water in front of me, this lake between these mountains, two words come to mind.

Depth and Free.

I say depth because, depending on where you stand, the water is either clear, blue, green or maybe it has a brownish tint. It depends on the location of the sun, the observer or if you are on the beach, rocks, a dock and so on and so forth. I’m at a small beach. If I look straight ahead, the water is a dark green. As it gets closer to me, the more visible the sand and floor are. If  you look slightly to the left, the lake curves around the island in front of me. That area reflects more of the sky, as opposed to the previous area that reflected more of the trees.

This area farther from me, that looks more blue, this part looks like glass. But not clear. It’s thin, smooth, and glass-like, but not clear. Depending on glare and reflection, some areas are a darker blue and some lighter.

So, when I say depth, its not necessarily because of the deepness of the water. But rather the depth of color and reflection. It contains many levels of imagery; it has immense depth.

I say free, because water has this sense of freedom and flow that is very strong. It takes a lot of effort to stop its flow. Regardless of its depth, color, or location, water will always flow and keep its movement. Even when a ball or rock is thrown into it and disrupts the flow. Water absorbs the hit, causing a ripple, and after it settles, it continues back on its normal flow.

The flow only stops when an area connecting to the source, is blocked.

Usually by natural causes or someone builds a dam. Even then, there is the risk of overflowing, flooding or drying up. Certain bodies of water are not meant to stay stagnant. They need to have a steady flow and movement. They need to be free.

So, as I sit here watching this water, both deep and free. I can only hope that someone describes me like this. Having many colors and levels depth, while also staying free. Able to take the hits of life, let the ripple happen, but continue my flow. While staying connected to my source.

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