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Performance Reviews


"An actor who carries her character every single moment throughout the show. You watch her. You feel her emotions...This actor caught my eye immediately...When Camacho came to life as Louise, her musical gifts and stage presence spilled all over the theater. I was taken in by all she said and did...Camacho as Gypsy Rose Lee. In the spotlight, in a shimmering gown and long white gloves, Kimberly Camacho took to the runway, right up to the audience, and performed her burlesque routine...I would watch it again, and again and again. Worth every penny of admission, folks. Kudos to Camacho. You were indeed Gypsy Rose Lee. Sophisticated, full of heart."

Trish Morgan - Cumberland Times News

"Like all actors playing Louise/Gypsy, Kimberly Camacho faces the challenge of transforming from a shy, awkward teenager to an accomplished, confident show business celebrity, all within a few scenes in the second act. Her physicality as Louise relies on slumped-forward shoulders and a deer-in-the-headlights expression, which she gradually loses as Gypsy’s confidence increases through the iterations of the strip version of “Let Me Entertain You” in Act 2. She sings the wistful “Little Lamb” sweetly in Act 1...Her nonverbal reactions to Tulsa during “All I Need is the Girl” were an acting highlight."

Bob Ashby - DCMetroTheatreArts


"Another stand-out and not just because of her tail was Kimberly Camacho as Gertrude McFuzz. Camacho was highly endearing and downright loveable with her performance. She nearly steals the show with ‘All For You.’"

Michael Woody - Dayton Local