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"Singer and Actor Kim Camacho has shown how to mimic the voices of some of the most famous female popstars on Earth..."
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Kimberly said she has been able to master these impersonations because of the countless vocal lessons she has taken. "When I started vocal training, I told my voice teacher that I wanted to be able to sing anything. I wanted to be vocally versatile. When I first started learning, I began to mimic artists to understand each genre’s sound and then figured out where it fits in my true voice," she said, adding, "I developed a trained ear for listening and hearing how voices differ. By listening and applying my technique, I can figure out how to modify my voice to sound like other singers."
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Gypsy Performance Review

"An actor who carries her character every single moment throughout the show. You watch her. You feel her emotions...This actor caught my eye immediately...When Camacho came to life as Louise, her musical gifts and stage presence spilled all over the theater. I was taken in by all she said and did...I would watch it again, and again and again. Worth every penny of admission, folks. Kudos to Camacho. You were indeed Gypsy Rose Lee. Sophisticated, full of heart."

Trish Morgan - Cumberland Times News

Director Testimonial

"I have hired Kim in the past and hope to hire her in the future. I have always found her to be a gifted and polished talent, an active collaborator and we have created many solid musical theatre moments together.  She is a talented dancer, an impressive singer with a belt that never sounds pinched or forced, she learns harmonies easily and retains them,  and she is equally comfortable in a variety of acting styles. My guess is if you hire her you will be hiring her back as well."

Randal K. West - Artistic Director, Four Corners Musical Theatre Company

Director Testimonial

"Kimberly brings an abundance of creativity, discipline, and flexibility to her work. She takes direction well and is not afraid to strike out on her own in the rehearsal process, which is always the first direction I give. Her craft is top-notch and that’s met with an equally top-notch attitude towards her work that makes her a joy to work with and as was the case in this show, a leader among the ensemble."

Warner Crocker, Mama Won't Fly Director